The Expeditionary BattleGroup

The Expeditionary BattleGroup is a collection of Arma players who are focused on a Mili-Sim style of gameplay with good organised comms, tactical movement and deployment with teamwork and co-operation. We run Ops and campaigns of customised missions with the intent to achieve some degree of 'realism' balanced with enjoyment. We also run Infantry Training and NCO training courses. Training at our ITC is mandatory for all members who will be taking part in Operations. At the moment this is an Invite Only group, but that may change in the future. We use mods for our standard-issue equipment load-out. We also use mods for our Ops and campaigns, details of which are posted in our TeamSpeak as well as prior to our Shadow deployments. Help and support regarding mods is provided by the Battlegroup members.

Latest News

New Website Released

Thanks to the Editing and Development Team!

New Campaign – Panthera

The BattleGroup take on Panthera